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Pale Harbour | Vile Philosophy | Blissful Ignorance | Red Ripper

Pale Harbour

A coastal town is overrun by horrors, and only YOU can save it! Approached by the poor villagers of Pale Harbour and informed that a terrible evil has arisen from the sea, can YOU unravel the mystery and drive back the beasts?

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Available now on Steam and Google Play stores.

Vile Philosophy

Five hunters have tracked the beast and failed. Now it's YOUR turn! A terrible creature is plaguing the city of Harrow's Gate. The last five hunters to search for it have all gone missing. You must find them and lay the monster low!

Watch the trailer now!

Available now on Steam and Google Play stores.

Blissful Ignorance

A desperate cry for help...can YOU solve the mystery? A report has arrived indicating that a monastery to the goddess of wisdom has fallen silent. You must brave the mountain to find answers, and hopefully return from the unforgiving peaks alive.

Red Ripper

Coming Soon...The first adventure to take you outside the borders of the United Imperial Colonies. Pit your wits against a Broadsheet Killer who's actions threaten the stability of one of the Sunlight Alliance's key cities.

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